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Color Psychology






How many times have you wished that people “got you” because they don’t seem to pick up on who you are or who you’re striving to be? Maybe you want your boss to take you more seriously, and to realize you’re dependable. Or perhaps you want to convince a new client that you are their Superwoman. Are you feeling flirty on a Friday night?–let your favorite guy see your whimsical side.

   This piece is a beautiful coral glass, and signals that its owner is Joyful, with an energizing life force.

How? With Color–yes, color. Because color has a voice, and it whispers things about you whether you realize it or not. Color can broadcast your mood to others, and it can hint at sophistication or shout that you walk on the wild side. Consequently, you can use color’s voice to tell others who you are, or who you’re trying to be.


The peach and terra cotta in this polymer pendant says that the wearer is a Natural down-home girl; she’s modest, warm and nurturing.

I’m Sherrie Brittig, and I’m passionate about both color and about helping women to be their best, most confident selves. So let me help YOU tell the world who you are. I create jewelry with colors based on meanings and messages. Therefore, I have a color for every character and jewelry that communicates. Look through my color collections and choose who you are; then wear the piece and tell your story!